RANTOUL CITY SCHOOLS district #137 Grow Beyond!

VISION:    Rantoul City Schools is a collaborative community of empowered learners that inspires all to grow beyond limits.

MISSION:    The mission of Rantoul City Schools is to empower learners to grow beyond limits by:

  • Providing a nurturing environment where learners feel free to take risks.
  • Ensuring individual needs are met through engaging opportunities.
  • Expecting academic and behavioral excellence.


The State of Illinois determined that students who live less than one and a half (1½) miles walking distance from home to school do not qualify for busing. Now that we have an electronic routing system through our new contracted bus company, First Student, we can very clearly define those distances. Those walking maps are available on our website at www.rcs137.org or go to your school to view the posted walking map. The walking boundaries are outlined in blue for each school. The red outline is the boundary of the school. If your home school is Pleasant Acres or Eastlawn, you do not qualify for busing (unless special needs busing is determined through an IEP). If your home school is Northview, only Golfview Village students qualify for busing– check map for details. If your home school is Broadmeadow there are several areas that are bused. These are generalities so please refer to the maps. If you have any questions about your address and the walking boundaries, please notify Justin Schultz, First Student Assistant Location Manager, at 217-893- 5445, located on-site at the RCS bus garage.

Broadmeadow students who qualify for busing that attend Little Wings, Multicultural Center, Head Start, or the Youth Center, are the only students that can qualify to ride the school bus to these locations because these are part of the established regular Broadmeadow bus route. Your student must currently qualify for busing – live more than 1.5 miles from their home to school (not home to after care location) in order to ride the bus to those locations.

Bus stop times and locations will be mailed home a week before school begins.

Click here to view the walk zone map.

Click here (Español) to view 8/2/16 letter to parent.

Want to know what school your child will attend next year due to the change to K-5 buildings? Click here and type in your address to show which school your child will attend. Please be aware, this technology was developed to map the world, not just Rantoul, so there are a few areas, such as the edge of the boundaries, that are not easy to pinpoint. If you live on a boundary we strongly suggest you email or call our transportation director, Karen Lind at info@rcs137.org or 217-893-5400.

Broadmeadow Elementary

Breakfast: 7:40 AM  School Day: 8:00-2:30


PreK: AM: 8:25-10:55 / PM 11:40-2:10
K-5: Breakfast: 7:40 AM  School Day: 8:00-2:30


Breakfast: 8:15 AM  School Day: 8:30-3:00

Breakfast: 7:40 AM  School Day: 8:00-2:30


PreK:  AM: 8:15-10:45 / PM 11:30-2:00
K-5:  Breakfast: 7:40 AM  School Day: 8:00-2:30