Important Opening School Information



As of Aug 16th, we will be on our third day with no internet. This makes registration, teacher assignment, and bus scheduling nearly impossible. We were able to do some registration today, August 15th. After today there is no more registration until Wed, Aug 23rd. If you are a new move in to the district and you were turned away due to internet issues this week, please call your school’s office and explain the situation. They will work with you to get your child into school. If you are a returning student, we have provided many opportunities since May 1st for registration. You will have to wait until Aug. 23rd. Please have patience with the information on Skyward since not all the information is up to date. If you need to know bus information, please call Justin at 893-5445 and he will do his best to provide this information. His system relies on the internet as well and he hasn’t been able to work in his office the past two days.



The eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21st. While we are so excited for this event and the learning opportunities for our students, our number one concern is for the safety of all our students. Therefore we have made the following decisions:

  • There is no Early Childhood AM or PM on Mon, Aug 21st. Their first day of school is now Tue, Aug 22nd. Dismissal and arrival at midday is during the eclipse.
  • Dismissal times for Mon, Aug 21st will be altered so no one is outside during the eclipse time period. K-5th gr will dismiss at 2:45 and Eater Jr High will dismiss at 3:15.
  • There will be no outside recess on Mon, Aug 21st.
  • Only Eater Jr High students will be allowed to view the eclipse with school-provided NASA approved glasses, but they MUST have a signed parent permission slip, which will be sent home with your child this Friday.
  • K-5th gr will have appropriate level activities and/or view the event safely from inside the school via NASA Internet station.
  • If you wish to take your child out of school for the viewing of the eclipse, your child’s absence will be excused.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal.

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