5th-Grade Owl Pellet Activity

Recently we had Stacey Clementz from the Champaign County Forest Preserve District come to Eastlawn and through the help of Sarah Kaper from The Champaign County Farm Bureau, we were able to do an amazing owl pellet dissection activity. I received this letter from one of our 5th-graders, Mike, in Ms. Corda’s class, telling me about how much he enjoyed the activity:


Dear Mr. Forman,

The owl pellets was fun.  Me and Julius was with me in my team working with me. He and me we were seeing own pellets that they spit out, And we saw bones in the bag. I and Julius were finding where the bones go, or which one it goes. So we found some and we had to get instructions from two ladies. I think this was a fun project Mr. Forman. I think we should do another science project. Kids saw real bones from owls but owls spit it out. They said that they put hanitise in the bones. I thought it was grose because they spit it out. But then I thought it was not grose.



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